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Each year, each government, through their RCT representative, have the opportunity to submit regulatory reconciliation or cooperation items to the RCT. Once an item is added to the Work Plan, a Working Group comprised of representatives of each Participating Party is established or designated (if such a group already exists) to undertake the work. The RCT’s fifth annual Work Plan (2023) was released publicly on January 27, 2023 and updated on November 6, 2023.

2023 RCT Work Plan – Updated

Since its initial creation, 30 reconciliation items have been added to the RCT Work Plan. Twelve reconciliation agreements, covering 17…
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2023 RCT Work Plan

17 regulatory reconciliation items from a total 30 on the 2023 RCT Work Plan have been completed to date…
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RCT 2022 Annual Report

The RCT continued to focus on the implementation of its fourth annual Work Plan (2021-2022).  Five Work Plan Items reached…
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2021-2022 RCT Work Plan – Updated

• 12 Reconciliation Agreements, covering 17 of the 35 items from the 2021-2022 RCT Work Plan, have been completed to…
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2021-2022 RCT Work Plan

This 35-item work plan was developed pursuant to Annex 404 (para. 8) of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). 11…
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2020-2021 RCT Work Plan

This 33-item work plan was developed pursuant to Annex 404 (para. 8) of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). Ten…
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RCT 2021 Annual Report

Uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic continued throughout 2021, with public health orders and recommendations, and shifting jurisdictional priorities slowing…
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2019-2020 RCT Work Plan

Five Reconciliation Agreements, covering eight of the 23 items from the 2018-19 RCT Workplan, have been completed and implementation is…
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RCT 2020 Annual Report

In 2020, RCT and technical Working Group officials were somewhat hindered from meeting to conduct negotiations to resolve identified regulatory…
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2018-2019 RCT Work Plan

For all the items of this work plan, the desired outcome is to achieve regulatory reconciliation among the Parties.…
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RCT 2019 Annual Report

Under the 2019-2020 work plan, the RCT’s efforts were focused on completing the negotiations on five reconciliation agreements by the…
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