Entry-level Training for Commercial Drivers (Class 1) Reconciliation Agreement (2021)

July 19, 2023
By: admin

Negotiated by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) at the direction of the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety (COMT), this Reconciliation Agreement outlines provincial and territorial commitments to implement a National Safety Code (NSC) standard, “NSC-16 – Commercial Truck Driver EntryLevel Training (Class 1)”. NSC-16 sets out minimum standards for commercial truck driver entrylevel training across Canada to support national reciprocity and road safety. Once implemented, a truck driver’s entry-level training will be the minimum training credential accepted by driver licensing authorities across Canada, saving the driver and the sponsoring company time and money while upholding high safety standards.

CCMTA is an incorporated body that coordinates matters dealing with the administration, regulation and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. Membership includes representation from provincial and territorial governments, as well as the federal government of Canada. CCMTA is the custodian of the NSC, a set of 16 standards designed to strengthen road safety, promote efficiency in the motor carrier industry and achieve consistent safety standards across Canada.

The NSC was developed by CCMTA member jurisdictions in conjunction with the motor carrier industry and supports regulatory alignment amongst provincial, territorial, and federal governments. The COMT approved NSC-16 on February 20, 2020

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